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Colored Concrete

Endless Color Options

At Advanced Concrete, we can provide Sika, Butterfield, Soloman, Interstar & many other custom colors!  Our integral color system provides accurate, consistent color.  If the color you want isn't in one of these charts, just reach out to us.  We can provide ANY color!

At Advanced Concrete, we are honored to provide award-winning integral concrete color additives for our range of products.

Contact us today to create your custom color concrete blend for your next project.

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*We always recommend coming into one of our locations and picking up a physical color chart for final selection.  Final color may vary.*


Colored Concrete: Cost Effective Solution for High End Design

Colored concrete is used in a multitude of residential and commercial designs. Producing colored concrete protected with quality sealers creates a beautiful, long-lasting and low-maintenance surface that appeals to a broad range of consumers.

Decorative concrete is featured in many style trends ranging from traditional to modern. From stamped and stenciled concrete walkways and patios, to custom concrete countertops, colored concrete is a key component in many of today’s design trends.

Colored concrete floors are a stylish, low-maintenance and affordable option for many commercial applications. In residential settings, color can add to the warmth of an outdoor patio or garden.

color concrete

Contractors Guide


  • Order a quality concrete mix with the appropriate slump for proper placement required.
  • Colored concrete should have a max w/cm ratio of .45-.50.
  • Place concrete on a well-drained, dampened sub-grade that has adequate and uniform load-bearing characteristics.
  • Grade the sub-grade so that the concrete is of uniform thickness and properly sloped for drainage.
  • Place, consolidate and screed the concrete,
    then float it to the specified grade, flatness, and levelness.
  • Texture all surfaces adequately and uniformly for slip resistance.
  • Finish all surfaces within reasonably the same time after placement.
  • Finish the edges first and do all hand- finishing in the same direction.
  • Protect the concrete surface from rapid evaporation of bleed water.
  • Use an approved curing compound for proper curing of concrete.
  • Protect the freshly placed concrete from freezing for the first 72 hours.


  •  Don’t use calcium chloride accelerators to achieve fast concrete set time.
  • Don’t order concrete in less than 3CY increments. Full color consistency is not guaranteed.
  • Don’t place concrete on a sub-grade that is not thoroughly compacted and dampened.
  • Don’t place concrete over freestanding water or muddy, frozen or soft spots.
  • Don’t add water after a portion of the load has been discharged, or retemper concrete that has started to set.
  • Don’t sprinkle water, or otherwise add water to the surface during finishing operations.
  • Don’t use inconsistent finishing practices.
  • Don’t over-trowel (burn or burnish) the concrete surface.
  • Don’t use plastic sheeting or water curing methods to cure colored concrete.
  • Don’t allow items to stand on concrete during the curing process.
colored concrete