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Advanced Concrete has come a long way from a single mobile mixer truck in 1988, to several locations and over 30 trucks today.  Our beginnings go back to delivering concrete to just a few local farmers and builders.  The days were long and the work was tough but the product was better and the service was great.  Word spread and the customers grew.  One truck wasn't enough.  Business grew but the main principals remain the same, better product & great service.

Fast forward to today the company has grown but the important things have remained the same: better product & great service.  The guiding principals of our business are what differentiate us from any other ready mix company in the Madison area.  The reason that contractors began using us in 1988 are the same as they are today.  Advanced Concrete can bring to the table what other suppliers cannot.

We are a small family owned ready mix company that brings big things to the table.   We bring the intimate attention and customer service you deserve and exceed the service and product offered by the big ready mix suppliers!


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"In over 20 years of doing business together, Advanced Concrete, Inc. has always delivered a great product and been on time. They stand behind their product and they, no doubt, have the best ready-mix drivers in the area, there isn’t a close second!"

Ryan Olson
Olson Concrete

1st ready mix truck

The growth from one man and one mixer to over 30-trucks, a team of drivers, and several locations over the greater-Madison area did not happen overnight.  Advanced Concrete's growth was slow and deliberate.  We grew with our customers, and didn't chase work we could not be the best at.  Through this mentality we've survived many ups and downs when other businesses did not.

One thing has never been lost in the growing business: the values someone earns from starting from the bottom. This means every job is as important as the last, no matter the size. We keep our customers coming back by reliably delivering concrete that is custom fit for the job. In an effort to decrease our own carbon footprint, we use recycled resources whenever possible in our products. We manufacture and deliver our concrete in the safest and most environmentally friendly ways possible. We remain proud members of the Wisconsin Ready Mixed Concrete Association.

Advanced Concrete is now in its second generation of ownership.  We have worked in the business in some fashion for most of our their lives.  Whether we were pouring concrete our Dad brought home, sweeping the shop, or cleaning the plants, we all have worked around the business since a very young age.  Like our father, our beginnings in the business were humble too.  We have all driven the trucks, pushed a broom, or stayed late to make sure the next day, everything was up and running.  Whatever needed to be done - we did.

There are not many companies where the next ready mix truck on your job might be driven by one of the Owners.  At Advanced Concrete we gladly hop in trucks and deliver concrete to help out and check in with customers whenever we can!

With a combined 52 years of experience there are few in the industry with the boots on the ground knowledge and experience we bring to the table!  Whether your job is big or small, we'd like the opportunity to show you what you missed out on the last time ordered concrete from someone else!


Ground Breaking (002)

Josh, Tyler, & Jacob Jankowski - Breaking Ground Spring 2022 on Advanced Concretes Main Office Addition.

If you would like to become a part of the Advanced Concrete family, we're excited to speak to you. Fill out an application today!