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Quality Control

Getting it Right the First Time

The logistics of why we take quality control so seriously are simple: It’s far easier to pour concrete right the first time than tear it up if it’s wrong. Jobs are built from the ground up! So that’s where quality control must begin. Advanced Concrete has a team of highly-trained and certified professionals who will ensure you receive the right product in a timely fashion.

Advanced Concrete, Inc. is dedicated to high strength and high durability in our concrete products. Not only do we get our materials from sources who have proven to be quality manufacturers, but we also ensure that every piece of our well-oiled machine is staying in compliance with whatever specifications pertain to the work we’re involved in.

Benefit working with Advanced Concrete because we are members of the Wisconsin Ready Mixed Concrete Association (WRMCA) and we produce our product with the following standards:

  • Manufacture locally from local aggregate resources
  • Use recycled content when available
  • Continuously provide the best value to our customers (competitive cost, superior environmental performance, and low structure life-cycle costs)

Strength Testing Our Concrete


As we lecture our customers, there are various ways to manufacture concrete. Concrete quality is not just during the manufacturing of the concrete, but also in the way that it’s transported, placed, and cured. We can test the quality with tests like the “Slump Test,” entrained air test, and compressive strength tests.

We monitor and evaluate each step of a concrete job. It’s important that our drivers are there to oversee everything from the mixing of the concrete, to observing the pouring and curing. Concrete can be the most cost-effective and durable substance a contractor will work with as long as the proper quality control standards are employed.

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