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Penetrating Sealers

Aquanil Plus 40

Aquanil Plus 40 is a penetrating, chemically reactive alkyltrialkoxysilane 40% solids, solvent based silane sealer that repels moisture and water from concrete and masonry. Aquanil Plus 40 is non-etching, will not harm most uncoated glass, metal frames, or painted surfaces and leaves no residue to clean. Aquanil Plus 40 is formulated to comply with National Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Emission Standards for Architectural Coatings Federal EPA Regulation 40 CFR Part 59.

Topical/Decorative Sealers

Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear is a state of the art proprietary formulation which creates the highest gloss possible on concrete. This premium quality, solvent-based, super high gloss, non-yellowing, siliconized acrylic compound cures and protects concrete with a film that deepens the color and enhances the look of pigmented or decorative concrete. Crystal Clear is completely non-yellowing and keeps its high gloss finish much longer than standard concrete coatings. Crystal Clear will retard efflorescence while resisting contamination from oil, grease, food, and landscaping chemicals. Crystal Clear improves decorative concrete aesthetics while protecting concrete against damage caused by freeze/thaw cycles and deicing chemicals.

Traz 25

ChemMasters’ Traz 25 is a 25% solids, solvent-based high performance methacrylate cure & protect for decorative concrete finishes such as stamped and exposed aggregate. Traz 25 is formulated with state of the art methyl methacrylate polymers that develop high gloss, are non-yellowing and more chemically resistant than standard acrylic products.

Certivex AC1315

CERTI-VEX AC1315 is a 25% solids, solvent-based, acrylic cure and protect. The product is design to cure freshly placed concrete to achieve full design strength and durability. It also protects and enhances the appearance of both new and existing exterior concrete, including stamped, decorative, exposed aggregate concrete and architectural horizontal and vertical sections where a clear, high gloss and non-yellowing shine is required.

One Step Penetrating/Topical Sealers

Certivex Guard Clear

Certi-Vex Guard Clear is an innovative, solvent-based, high gloss, one step acrylic cure and protect with a penetrating silane sealer for use on both new and existing broom finish and decorative concrete. The non-yellowing film forming acrylic cures new concrete to ASTM C1315 specifications, while penetrating silane reacts within pores and capillaries to form a hydrophobic gel, protecting the concrete from the damaging effects of freeze/thaw cycles, deicing chemicals and chloride penetration.

Silencure SRT

ChemMasters’ Silencure SRT (Solvent Replacement Technology) is a patented water-based, acrylic cure and protect for new concrete installations. When applied to fresh concrete Silencure SRT produces a non-yellowing, clear continuous film that effectively cures fresh concrete to ASTM C309 specifications.

Silencure SRT’s unique technology forms an effective curing film with a proprietary blend of siloxanes that penetrate capillaries and pores of fresh concrete forming a silicone matrix within the concrete preventing damage from freeze/thaw cycles, deicing chemicals and chloride penetration.

Unlike other silane or siloxane treatments Silencure SRT will cure fresh concrete to ASTM C309 and AASHTO M-148 specifications, is designed to meet most applicable State Department of Transportation (DOT) Requirements of NCHRP 244, Series II & Series IV, and eliminates the need to wait 28 days before application of a silane treatment.

Release, Oil, Con-Film, Misc.

Spray Film

Spray Film is an evaporation retardant for use on freshly placed concrete to retard moisture evaporation by forming a monomolecular film on the surface. Spray Film is effective combating rapid drying of concrete surfaces during adverse conditions such as high temperatures, low humidity, high winds, direct sunlight or interior work in heated conditions.

Stamp Release

Liquid Stamp Release is a clear, bubblegum scented liquid treatment that promotes clean release of texturing mats and stamps used to create stamped concrete finishes. When properly applied to the surface of concrete and texturing tools it’s lubrication will prevent adhesion and ensure clean separation for maximum aesthetics, then evaporate leaving no film or residue.